Just a mutidisplinary designer
/creative technologist being queer :)

SHANE HUANG                                          


Independent Case Study

Social networking / Geolocation / Augmented reality / Matching algorithems / Asymmetric connections 

Phantom represents a novel social networking service that capitalizes on the integration of geographical location and augmented reality technologies. Its implementation involves the use of GPS-enabled mobile devices to facilitate the discovery, generation, and capture of personal profiles shared among users. Notably, the defining characteristic of Phantom is the production of digital marks that persist exclusively in a virtual realm, only discernible within physical space through the prism of augmented reality.


You used to stroll down the street, completely engrossed in the world of Pokemon Go, eagerly collecting virtual creatures. But, what if you could make real, human connections while you were at it? Imagine a world where you're not just mindlessly swiping through profiles on Tinder, but are instead matched with people who share your interests and have visited the same places as you. Remember that bar you used to frequent, hoping to meet someone special but always leaving empty-handed? What if you could finally meet the kind of people you've been missing out on, without the usual limitations of distance or chance encounters? With Phantom, you could effortlessly connect with fascinating, like-minded individuals and make lasting friendships that might just change your life.

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