Just a mutidisplinary designer
/creative technologist being queer :)

SHANE HUANG                                          

Shane Huang is a Guangzhou born, San Francisco-based queer multidisciplinary designer with a passion for creating engaging digital and tangible experiences by integrating emerging technologies with design. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Design from UC Davis and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Design at CCA, where she combines various design techniques to create experiences dedicated to interaction design, speculative design, and HCI research.

Throughout her career, Shane has explored and practiced various areas of design over the past five years, including graphic design, user-experience design, industrial design, art installation, product design, and interaction design. Her current focus is researching and developing cross-species human-computer interaction, specifically exploring the relationship between cats and humans. Prior to her graduate studies, she gained experience working in a digital marketing agency that specializes in AI branding systems, where she developed her leadership skills in branding and product design. Additionally, Shane worked as an XR content creator and technician, creating immersive real-time parallax in camera effects for the video production industry.  Additionally, Shane, as a China-born, queer designer, has a keen appreciation for culture and awareness of minority communities, which is reflected in her unique projects ranging from AR application that challenge current social culture to art installation and immersive VR experiences that promote empathy and support the LGBTQ community.

Beyond this, Shane also has a background in fine arts, where she honed her skills in graphite sketching, oil painting, film, and digital photography, which ultimately led her to the creative field. Beyond her professional practice as a designer, she is interested in health and nutrition, bodybuilding, camping, and hiking to appreciate nature and step away from the world of digitization and technology.