Just a mutidisplinary designer
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SHANE HUANG                                          

Catpanion – A Cross-Species Interactive System for Bridging the Connection Between Cats and Their Human Companions  

Indenpendent Thesis Case Study


Cat / Cross Species /Interaction / Animal / Relationship / Activities / Behavioral / HCI / Machine Learning / Computer Vision / Data Analysis / Speculation / AR/VR / Prototyping  

THE CHALLENGE Design a system that will help busy cat owners connect with their cats through enjoyable shared experiences, while improving their cat's welfare and avoiding potential health issues.

THE OUTCOME The project resulted in a mobile application and various physical products across different mediums that encourage playful interactions between cat owners and their feline companions, while providing useful information on cat care and behavior. The system includes data analysis, extended reality (AR, VR), and sensors to create an engaging and intuitive user experience.


As a cat owner, you pour your heart into caring for your feline companion - feeding, cuddling, and playing with them - all in hopes of receiving even a smidgen of the love and affection that other cat owners seem to enjoy. Yet, your cat remains aloof, a distant presence in your home, seemingly uninterested in your attempts to bond. As you gaze into their inscrutable eyes, you can't help but wonder: what goes on inside their enigmatic minds? While dogs wag their tails and wear their emotions on their sleeves, cats remain elusive and mysterious creatures, leaving you to ponder the secrets they keep hidden from the world.


As a cat owner, it can be difficult to find the time and motivation to play and attend to your cat’s needs. The Catpanion system offers a fun and easy way for cat owners to connect with their pets through various interactive activities, while also providing helpful tips and insights into their cat's behavior and health

That's where our cross-species interactive system comes in. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, and data analysis, we have developed a system that allows cat owners to better understand their feline companions and strengthen their bond.

The Catpanion app offers a variety of interactive features, such as games and challenges, that promote playful interactions between cat owners and their pets. It also provides useful information on cat care, such as nutrition, grooming, and health issues, to help cat owners become more knowledgeable and responsible pet owners.

The system also includes extended reality (AR, VR) and sensors to create an engaging and intuitive play experience.

The goal of this project is to address the common issues faced by busy cat owners, such as lack of time and motivation to attend to their cat’s welfare. By providing an interactive system as a platform that encourages shared experiences, this project aims to improve the relationship between cats and their human companion. Through research and design iterations, the Catpanion system was developed to collect and analyze data from various sources, including solitary toys, interactive play, and daily activities tracking.

The system generates personalized game content and health suggestions based on the collected data, while also providing an online community for cat owners to connect and share their experiences.

Ultimately, the Catpanion system serves as a starting point for owners to establish healthier care patterns with their cats, with the option to continue using it for entertainment purposes.

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